Until 2010 Jeffrey worked as an IT Coordinator in education. By means of self-study and many years of though practical assignments he was able to give up his job in 2010 to become a full time photographer. On the one hand this consisted of teaching photography lessons in adult education and on the other hand by photographing events, products and portraits as a freelance photographer. But “the call of nature” was stronger than expected and it did not take long for Jeffrey to make the decision to follow his passion and only focus on the discipline of nature photography.
To this present day, Jeffrey is still a dedicated teacher who inspires and motivates his students, not only at his own private school, but also during the many workshops, (international) presentations and international photography tours he guides for STARLING Tours.


This collection of photographs represents a body of work of carefully edited images of Nature and Wildlife. Can't find and image you're looking for or you want to hire our services? We'll be happy to help you, please use the contact form or call us at +32 496 810 851.

More information on workshops and books is available at www.jeffreyvandaele.com